school staff

For our preschool/Kindergarten ministry team, serving your little ones isn’t a “job”, it’s a calling! Each of us truly believe that God has created us for His purposes and that He has given us an incredible opportunity to impact the lives of children through His ministry at

Canyon Lake Community Church & Preschool.  

  • Brittany has called CLCC her church since she was just a toddler. Although she loved participating in the ministries here at the church, she never saw herself in leadership, but God had other plans! In 2010, God led Brittany to service in the preschool ministry and she never looked back! Brittany is passionate about Jesus, children and education, so this truly is her dream job. Brittany loves camping, the beach and Disneyland, but her heart is most fulfilled when she is spending time with her husband Ricky and their daughters Aspyn and Andie.

  • Chris spearman

    assistant director

    Chris and her family have called CLCC their home church for 22 years. Prior to serving in the preschool, Chris spent years providing childcare in children’s ministry at CLCC and continued to love on her own little ones as she homeschooled her sons, Leland and Marshall until 2012. At that time, God was calling Chris back into service through the preschool ministry! Chris enjoys reading, spending time outdoors and creating memories with her family, but she finds the most fulfillment when she has special Nana time with her granddaughters Kinslee and London.

  • Wendy carney

    Wendy Carney and her family began attending CLCC in 2010 when she began teaching in the preschool ministry. Wendy’s roles at the preschool have shifted through the years due to the needs of her husband Keith and four kids, but she remains a wonderful asset to our team! Wendy is readily available to assist preschool administration and currently oversees Scholastic book orders, scheduling and more! Wendy finds the most joy in spending time with her family, the Carney six-pack! 

  • Izabella Oak

    Izabella (Bella) began teaching at CLCC Preschool in 2019 when she joined our team as a Purple Room teacher. Bella is passionate about loving children for who they are and equipping them to become the little ones that God has called them to be! She has a gift for seeing the best in everyone she meets. Bella is always eager to find innovative ways to keep her students engaged. Bella is loving life with her husband Ryan and her very needy, but lovable Pomeranian. When Bella isn’t serving God through the preschool ministry, she enjoys spending time with the Lord, shopping, bowling and making memories with her family.

  • Heather claudio

    Heather (Mrs. Claudio) joined our ministry team in 2012. She spent 7 years teaching our oldest preschool students in the Blue Room. In 2020, she transitioned to our brand-new kindergarten class where she completely thrives in her element. Mrs. Claudio is very passionate about her students and her classroom. While Mrs. Claudio and Mrs. O have shared teaching responsibilities, Mrs. Claudio specializes in English Language Arts and Early Literacy. Her level of dedication is admirable; she is always creating new opportunities to engage her students. She is adored by both students and parents alike. Her passions include indoor cycling, gardening, hiking and cooking, but what she loves most is spending time with her family: her husband Ray, Ray Jr. and Audrey.

  • emily Carney

    Emily has been a part of the CLCC family since she was just a baby, although she probably never envisioned herself on staff here! Emily joined the preschool ministry in 2017 and has been a vibrant asset ever since! Emily teaches in the Blue room alongside Ms. Lisa. She brings excitement, passion and adaptability to our team. She’s energetic, fun and always looking for teachable moments. Emily has an adventurous spirit and enjoys spending time with her husband Jake, serving in youth group and the beach.

  • Valerie Doyle

    Valerie joined our team in 2021, teaching alongside Ms. Cyndi in the Green Room. She brings many, many years of experience to our team. She’s bubbly, passionate and she loves Jesus! Valerie invests so deeply in her students, carefully getting to know their little personalities, likes and dislikes. Little ones are drawn to her loving demeanor and fun personality. Ms. Valerie is a very intentional teacher who truly sees teaching little ones as the greatest privilege. She has a knack for gardening and she leads a very active lifestyle. She also loves spending time with her adult children and grandchildren.

  • Cyndi Ruth

    Cyndi joined our team in 2020, where she began teaching alongside Ms. Sabrina in our Green Room. In March of 2021, Ms. Sabrina and her family moved out of state, at which time Ms. Cyndi was joined in the classroom by Ms. Valerie. Cyndi has many years of experience in the classroom and one-on-one situations through ABA therapy. Cyndi has a heart that is full of fun, love, compassion and patience for days! She loves getting down on the floor with the kids and she isn’t afraid of making messes. Cyndi is very active and finds herself staying busy and enjoying life! Cyndi particularly enjoys spending time with her husband and 4 adult children.

  • Lisa Dohan

    Lisa joined the ministry in 2020 as a Blue Room teacher alongside Ms. Emily. Lisa taught for many years as her children were growing up but had since spent some time away from the classroom, so she was beyond excited by the opportunity to jump back into the classroom. For her, it was like she never left the classroom as her passion and excitement was immediately re-ignited. Lisa has a laugh that lights up a room. She is an incredibly dedicated teacher and is especially gifted and passionate when it comes to sharing scripture with her students. Lisa enjoys shopping, camping and anything else that includes her husband and 4 kids.

  • Nadine Laguna

    Nadine joined CLCC preschool in 2020 as a co-teacher to Ms. Bella in the Purple Room. Nadine came with a wealth of knowledge and incredible hands-on experience in the classroom. Nadine is known for her hugs, they’re the best! She’s gentle, compassionate, intentional and loving and we can’t fail to mention that she loves to be silly too. She is creative and always finding hands-on ways to keep the kids engaged through learning. Nadine enjoys photography, coffee and time with friends and family.

  • kara oltjenbruns

    Kara (Mrs. O) became a part of our preschool ministry team in 2016 where she began teaching our oldest preschool classroom, the Blue Room. In 2020, she joined Mrs. Claudio in our brand-new kindergarten classroom. Mrs. O has always been a passionate teacher, but her passion was lit in a new way when she stepped into the kinder class. Kara is very fun-loving; kids are always drawn to her bright personality. While Mrs. Claudio and Mrs. O have shared teaching responsibilities, Mrs. O specializes in Math and Social Studies. Mrs. O spends most of her free time at the baseball and football fields cheering on her two sons! When she isn’t teaching, she loves spending time with her family while enjoying their pool.

  • bev davis

    Bev has called CLCC her home church for many years. Bev was active in many ministries as she and her husband Don raised their daughter Julia Anne. In 2011, God led Bev to service in the preschool ministry. Bev’s serves as one of our afternoon teachers, she is with the children each day from nap until they are picked up for the day. Bev has a passion for early literacy and has really enjoyed helping the children to create special cards for those in our community who are walking through a season of difficulty. Bev enjoys reading, scrapbooking and traveling.