The Student Ministries at Canyon Lake Community Church is dedicated to helping our youth discern God's voice through the chaos.

In APEX (High School) and CHAOS (Middle School) our ministry staff creates an extremely fun and safe environment where students can connect and learn with others about how the Gospel applies to all areas of life. 

For more information please contact Pastor Jay  


If you want to stay connected by receiving TEXT messages with updates to events, reminders, etc please follow these instructions:

For APEX:  Text the code @37hh to the number 81010

For CHAOS:  Text the code @79c4e to the number 81010

our CURRENT theme

We fight sin in our lives, NOT to gain God's favor, but because we know sin robs us of God's presence and His glory.  We are talking about sins that we need fight and how we can effectively guard against them.  

Week 1: Seeking what is Above

Week 2: God is forgiving AND He is also JUST

Week 3: Idolatry - Seeking self over God

Week 4 and 5:  Sexual Immorality (dating, marriage, sex, homosexuality, etc.)

Week 6: The Tongue - Watch what you say

Week 7: Anger and forgiveness: A Bitter Root

Week 8: Our true identities in Christ as new creations

Upcoming Events

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